• March 22, 2024

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AP Physics

There are 38 Saintsmen who believe they have what it takes to thrive in AP Physics and get a 5 on the AP test. Mr. Adams doesn’t trust the judgment of the Youth of America, so he is requiring all students who have applied to matriculate to AP Physics 1 to complete an entrance exam; it’s an exam that will test your algebra and trigonometry skills. This entrance exam will now be hosted after spring break, during office hours on Tuesday, April 9th starting at 7:30 AM. If you expect you cannot make it by 7:30, please send Mr. Adams an email about rescheduling another time to take the exam. This exam will project whether or not you will thrive, survive, or struggle in AP Physics 1, so come prepared.

Intramural News

Gentlemen, use the following link to check your scheduled games in this year’s SINGLE ELIMINATION March Madness Tournament:

http://www.allprosoftware.net/2024_SaintsIM_March_Madness/Links to an external site.

Leadership Applications 

24-25 Leadership Applications are available! If you are interested in being a Pit Leader, a Big Brother, a Loyal Son, or a variety of ASB positions including News Anchor, Class President or ASB DJ. You’ll need to sign-up ASB. The applications will close March 28th. 


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